What's On Tap?

Stinson Amber - 5.0% ABV - The Stinson Aircraft Company was a mainstay in Northville for many years, and we pay tribute with our Amber Ale.  This amber has a sweet and balanced malt profile offset with Cascade hops for a balanced beer that will help you take flight!

Golden Brown - 4.7% ABV - "Golden Brown. Texture like Sun..." ah yes we know the tune (look it up if you don't!), our Brown carries sweetness and chocolate not usually found in a brown ale, but we said "hey why wouldn't ya?'

R.B.F. Stout - 5.2% ABV - A lineup without a hearty stout is not a lineup at all! Chocolate and roasted malts give this nicely bodied beer the flavor you expect from your stout. Nice color on the head, you'll be using your resting bitch face (RBF) as you contemplate getting a second glass!

Bitter Rival IPA 6.1% ABV - Our IPA is hopped to the moon with Ahtanum, Chinook, and Cascade hops, but hold on a minute, we have an awesome malt profile to balance that sucker out and leave your pallet wanting more! Malt vs. hops - a bitter rivalry!

Wee Heavy - 8.1% ABV - This is a style that many of you might not know about, but you will soon be experts! Completely overrun by British 2-Row, this high gravity ale delivers a sweet nose, sweet profile, and sweet finish!  Basically it's SUUUUWEEET!

Vienna Ale - 5.0% ABV - A sweet, amber based malt profile that finishes very nicely with German hops. The balance and finish is what makes this brew refreshing to the pallette while blowing up your taste buds!

Tunn-Ale - 5.2% ABV - Our pale ale named after the brewmaster himself! Dry-hopped with Cascade and Ahtanum hops, balanced with a good malt profile, this will become your favorite pale ale around!

Limited Reserve Taps

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True North Summer Wheat  - Our True North Summer Wheat will help you stay the course through Michigan's best months!  Hinted with orange peel for a citrus finish and nice bodied head (HOT!) this will be what refreshes your day.

Belgian Tripel - This is the tripel that you asked for!  The huge grain bill, honey, and rock candy give the Belgian yeast plenty to work with. A citrus flavor from the yeast accompanied by a nice crispness and you won't realize that this guy also packs a mean punch!  

Imperial Stout - I wish I had left the previous description on here, but here goes.  The chocolate malt profile and huge grain bill makes this sucker hit you right in the mouth...with flavor!  The bite at the finish will make you realize this is truly an imperial!