What's On Tap?

Honey Blonde - 5.0% ABV - This honey blonde is brewed with honey malt to give just a slight sweetness to this easy drinking brew! A light golden color along with a smooth taste from front to back will have you asking for another, and maybe another!

True North Summer Wheat  5.5% ABV - Our True North Summer Wheat will help you stay the course through Michigan's best months!  Hinted with orange peel for a citrus finish and nice bodied head (HOT!) this will be what refreshes your day.

You're My Boy Blueberry Pie Ale - 6.3% ABV - Nice Bloobs! Our blueberry pie ale is packed with blueberry taste that may not remind you of grandma's blueberry pie, but it's pretty darn close!  Using Victory and Honey malts to create our piecrust flavor and blueberries as the filling, you'll love our newest addition!

Bitter Rival IPA - 6.9% - Our Bitter Rival is back! A perfect blend of malt and hops (Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Sterling, Horizon) that create a blance that will fight it out on your taste buds until the bitter end! 

Cherry Saison - 7.5% ABV - Our super saison is infused with tart cherries, which compliments the unique yeast flavor!  One taste and you'll know that you're cherry has been busted!

Brown Ale - 7.0% ABV - The brown ale gets its delightful sweetness from the caramel malts (80L and 120L) and a slight coffee finish from the roasted barley.  A great beer that will accompany our entrance into the fall football season! 

Limited Reserve Taps

Maple Brown Ale - 7.0% ABV - Our brown ale infused with organic maple syrup for an added sweetness, put some on your pancakes!