July 2020

Re-opening Rules


Re-opening Ground Rules!

Hey everyone, as we re-open, we kindly ask that you respect our rules as we navigate the capacity restrictions and new safety protocols:

  • We have 50% capacity restrictions as well as 6 foot social distancing rules.  Folks from the same household do not need to be 6 feet apart.  We strongly suggest you call ahead (248-444-7967) to make sure we have space for you and we recommend you keep your group under 4 people.  
  • We will have 6 or 7 tables inside, 3 tables outside, and 5 or 6 bar seats.  We are only allowing couples or solo passengers at the bar, we will seat you!
  • Patrons must wear masks unless you are eating/drinking.
  • We are rolling out paperless menus.  On each table will be a QR code that you can capture with your smart phone's camera and it will take you to our menu. Paper menus will still be available but we strongly urge you to use your phones!
  • We will be rolling out contactless payments.  We will present you with a receipt, you again capture the QR code on the receipt and you can pay on your mobile device.  Cash will still be accepted but we strongly prefer the contactless method.
  • We will have hand sanitizer stations at each entrance/exit for your use. 
  • We will still be offering takeout/curbside and beer delivery same as we do now.
  • NCB employees are required to wear masks and do a daily wellness screening.  We also had all of our employees take a special COVID-19 training as the cleaning/disinfectant methods are different.  We also have access to plenty of hand soap, sanitizer, cleaners, etc.
  • All of our cleaners for the tables/surfaces are CDC approved to kill noroviruses.
  • We understand that right now it is a VERY politically charged climate, please keep that kind of discussion at the minimum and remember that your servers aren't there to be questioned about their political views, they are there to bring you delicious beer and food.

This is the first step towards normalcy, and we have many new protocols in place.  We appreciate helpful reminders if you notice any issues, but please be respectful as we learn to work with all of these new tools.

We love you guys and can't wait until we can toast each other again! Thanks again for the continued support!